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Google Glass To Change The Way We See Life

Google has been talking about the Google Glass for over the past year. Well finally, we have some vision into what the new device can actually do. In this teaser video released yesterday, the Google Glass is shown taking pictures & videos, live streaming to people on their computers, translating, looking up facts, giving directions and sending messages to friends. The point of the video is to show how it would feel to wear Google Glass and what people can expect from it.

This device can transform the way we see the world and everyday life. In 2004, Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page had a vision in which he stated, “Imagine your brain being augmented by Google“. Well, it seems that day has finally arrived. Google Glass can instantly chance the way we see music too. Instantly look up facts about your favorite artists in a blink of an eye. Record videos without having to hold up and iPhone or and iPad (Yes, people do that).

What I would like to see is for Google Glass to include drop down headphones, so that way people can then watch music videos from their favorite artists, or be able to stream music. While I am sure that has been thought of already by Google and will probably appear on this device down the road, it would be nice to know if it could do it now. It could revolutionize the way that people get their music and entertainment.

While the videos have shown what Google Glass can do, there is no final public decision on what Google Glass will actually look like. While it could be sleek and elegant, or big and junky, we just won’t know until Google unveils the final product. Google Glass may be released later this year, but no final date has been established for this product either. Below you will find an image of what Google Glass is slated to look like, but once again, that is not the final design. Tell us, would you where this everyday?

Google Glass pic 1

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Matthew Grimalda

From a young age, Matt has had a love for music. This native Californian finds his passion in surrounding himself in the sounds of dance, trance, house and drum and bass. When he isn't spending his time at concerts or festivals, he is working in PR. Listening to now: Tritonal | W&W | Zedd | MING | Markus Schulz
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