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Calvin Harris Calls Out A Fan In The Middle Of His Performance

In a Video that is quickly spreading like wild fire, here is a video on the #1 grossing DJ in the world Calvin Harris reacting to a patron calling him a sell out. Calvin Harris stops the music to have quite the conversation with her. He tells her,

Why do you come to a fucking Calvin Harris show where Calvin Harris is DJing and don’t want to hear a fucking Calvin Harris record you DUMB FUCKING BITCH.

Absolutely EPIC! If you don’t want to hear Calvin Harris play one of his own tracks, go somewhere else. Taken at LIV Miami, the person who recorded the video said that after the girls was gone, “he got defeated. It happened not even a half hour into his set, so for the rest of it, he barely moved around no expression or smile. [He] didnt speak in the mic or make eye contaact with anyone and im pretty sure he played a new vocal track and said nothing. Bitch killed his vibe.” Chin up Calvin. We got your back!

Here are some images of Calvin Harris after the girl was escorted out of the club by the person who recorded the video of the whole incident.

Calvin Harris 2

Calvin Harris 3

Calvin Harris

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Matthew Grimalda

From a young age, Matt has had a love for music. This native Californian finds his passion in surrounding himself in the sounds of dance, trance, house and drum and bass. When he isn't spending his time at concerts or festivals, he is working in PR. Listening to now: Tritonal | W&W | Zedd | MING | Markus Schulz
  • tazbuckfaster

    He said ‘you daft-looking bitch’.

    • G Money

      He was trying to remix it and failed….again. LMFAO!!!

  • DJ Shiva

    Yeah, because the best reply to someone talking shit about your music is to call them a bitch. What is this, high school?

    He definitely gets no props for originality, but then, his music is unoriginal commercial shite, so I dunno why I’m surprised.

    • Aram Knives

      Why do you come to a fucking Calvin Harris article where Calvin Harris is the topic and you don’t even fucking like Calvin Harris records, you DUMB FUCKING BITCH.

      • Arnoldas DjArni Zenkevicius

        You are a fucking idiot. Ur comment makes no fucking sense. So if im reading a book, and i dont like it, im not supossed to comment abt it ? u fucking twat…

        • Jake

          Did you even read the article you twat?

      • Richie

        Maybe you could enlighten me as to what the official name for the Calvin Harris equivalent of a Belieber or Directioner is seeing as you seem to be a leading member? 😀

      • DJ Shiva

        And I see you’re stuck in the same grade school as Calvin Harris, Mr Knives. Congratulations. You can now graduate with full Asshole Status. Have a fucking cookie.

      • G Money

        Relax Pepsi, no one is trying to get in the way of you sucking his cock!

    • phasik

      his music is unoriginal commercial shite????? look whos speaking, the unknown Dj silva…..Dj??? do you use VDJ and call yourself DJ?

      • Michael Ab

        no, he’s right… chill.

        • Arnoldas DjArni Zenkevicius

          yes ! silva has a point !

      • Arnoldas DjArni Zenkevicius

        u suck even more man..

      • G Money

        How can accuse someone of using VDJ and back someone like Calvin Harris who makes millions pushing buttons and has never actually mixed a live set since becoming famous. You’re the moron that’s paying $100’s to go to a carnival with merry go rounds to see this idiot jump up and down on stage pretending to do something with his pre-recorded set.

        • phasik

          At least he is not a looser like you! Using G money as nick name, really intelligent you probably some lost beat up looser who doesn’t do shit in life! Screw you!

          • G Money

            I’m actually a ghost producer which is why these busters make me sick because the real musicians are the ones they are buying their music for. Calvin Harris is one of the few that produces a mojority of his music but not ALL. Anyone who believes these guys make a track on their laptops on the plane or in their hotel room is a moron. There’s a lot more that needs to be done with a track then what you can do on a laptop.

    • WeQqendi Walver

      Most fanboys are braindead, you are going to get nonsense replies like the one down here, don’t even bother… his music is crap anyway.

    • Kyle Vasquez

      Uhh.. it’s like a straight man going to a Chippendales show and complaining about it.. Don’t be dumb brahh! They got dick? You don’t like dick, go somewhere else!


      “unoriginal commercial shite”

      Because it’s his fault that people ended up loving his music so much that it was accepted as “pop” or mainstream music. Five years ago, nobody even knew who Calvin Harris was. So before you go on this whole “Unoriginal” and “Mainstream” crap, remember this: He WORKED HIS ASS OFF to get where he is today. If he wants to tell some stupid bitch to fuck off, when he’s playing his own music, so be it. That DUMB BITCH shouldn’t have been at a Calvin Harris show, and if she was there for the supporting acts, there was no reason to be around during his set.

      And to all these DJs that are talking shit, remember this: All bitching about someones music that is “mainstream” does, is make you look butthurt at the fact that he became famous doing the same shit you’ve been doing for “years”. You have to remember that all of this commercial crap, was pioneered by people just like him, so any of his “unoriginal” crap, is actually original as fuck. It’s just all of the lame “copycats” that make it overplayed and super ridiculous.

      • Jon Hayes

        end of the day the girl paid money for the show so if she is dissatisfied she is entitled to express it out loud. Calvin Harris is an egotistical, arrogant, divarish asshole. He has been since success got to his head. And who are you, one of his groupies? Are you one of those mugs that stand behind him doing his set kissing his ass. There was no need to have that girl thrown out or even call her a dumb fucking bitch. Could have just laughed it off.

      • G Money

        5 years ago no one knew who any of these button pushers were. He didn’t work his ass of, he bought a keyboard and a synthesizer and got lucky. And now idiots like you stand in front of a stage with your hands in the air high on who knows what the fuck feeding a asshole like this douche who’s doing nothing but pushing buttons and turning knobs. And if you had a fucking clue, you would know Calvin Harris didn’t pioneer shit. He jumped on a wagon most were already on board with, he just commercialized it and made it radio play friendly. Shit, I hate when idiots try and drop knowledge and don’t know there right hand from the hand they use to put on their helmet every morning before hopping on the yellow bus.

  • Hampus Sjöberg

    What the fuck is going on..

  • Miguel Correia

    He did quite nailed the girl, if you don’t like you don’t come to my show…but she is so damn right about him. Guy sucks hard, and yes! He is in fact a sell out, together with all those comercial producers that people with a very “tiny” taste like to hear. Peace! Jesus loves us all!

  • phasik

    what i like is stupid people, that they are not even famous and think they are dj’s because they have virtual dj installed on their old laptop, probably have a average job, and they talk about music and other dj’s, just like if they knew something about music, if that person knew actually something about music he/she would be famous….. so please let your stupid opinion about it for youre self , if u dont like, dont listen to it.

    • DJCodeBlue

      A lot of people have great knowledge about music but just because they’re not famous because of it doesn’t mean that they don’t know shit. Maybe it’s something they don’t want to pursue in life. Maybe they don’t have time to put in the full effort to go big which takes a lot of effort. But it’s not difficult to understand music in general even the advanced part of the art especially when you have passion for it. I love music and worked with it everyday and produce as well for the past 8 years but I’m not putting in my 100% because I want to major in something else while keeping the music a minor.

    • Steve A-Time McPlur

      I’m not famous, and I use VDJ, and I would totally consider myself a DJ. Why? Because I put tons of effort into practicing my DJ’ing and trying to get better at it. It’s what I love doing. I strive for it because I have never felt a feeling better than when a huge crowd of people at a rave are getting down to your set, the set you spent days putting together and countless hours refining and practicing.
      But I guess you’re right, I’m not a, “real DJ” because I can’t afford anything better than a Newmark Mixtrack and VDJ right now.
      Remember man, nobody starts out famous, we all have to start somewhere. And VDJ is my starting point.
      And with that, I bid you a good day sir.

    • zach collett

      the best music and musicians are unknown. None of them use vdj. Those people just suck.

  • Jeff House

    Yes, she was escorted out…..But I would say she WON the night!!!!!

    • bash

      she won the night in the parking lot!

      • Jeff House

        The FACT she was kicked out…..Show’s she came out on top…..Come on, if you are a world class DJ & you let one little girl ruin your night….LITTLE WHINY BITCH is what you are!!!! I would have brought her to the booth & proved her wrong!!!!

        • JB Colbear


    • G Money

      The fact that he even heard her makes her even more awesome!

  • James Sysense DeRosier

    This is more about being professional and doing the job that you hired to do. People are always going to yell crap but for someone to stop a show and respond to something like this is absurd. Tell the bouncer and they will remove the person and never bring yourself to that level.

    • Jon Hayes

      Yes have her thrown out by the bouncer for expressing an opinion / heckling whatever. Or you could just ignore it / laugh it off? Not when you have an ego the size of calvin Harris’s.

  • HaronTe

    Calvin just got pulled down to the level of an idiot, by an idiot, and got defeated.

    • G Money

      Sadness because he heard the truth.

  • El Macho

    Even Calvin Harris’s girlfriend hates his music… no lie! Look it up!!! The girl’s night was saved from more damage to eardrums and her soul!

  • Marcello Pac

    You guys actually think this was “epic”? It’s sad, more than anything…

    • G Money

      Yeah cause now Calvin Harris will be depressed with his millions and his famous girlfriend. GTF outta here!

  • What I don’t understand is why the hell would you bother getting dressed up to go to a show and then proceed to tell the performer you don’t like them for some stupid reason? That’s retarded. You could have just as easily stayed home, got yourself drunk, and made your neighbors miserable with your opinionated yelling. We could be sorry that you’re not happy with your life or your job or whatever it is that made you feel you had to be an ass in public, but most of the time that’s your own fault and nobody else’s.

    TL;DR – Feel like shit-starting? Stay home, get drunk, and take it out on yourself. Leave us out of it.

    • Arnoldas DjArni Zenkevicius

      maybe she went out, and hit up the club, without knowing theres calvin harris playing there. u are bunch of morons

      • Jake

        Pretty much everything you say is dumb. Please, just stop.

    • FS

      It isnt exactly a packed club and believe it or not some people go to a club not giving a fuck who the DJ is (I know shocker right?) Why? Because some people see DJ’s as glorified iPod users, and rightfully so in Calvin Harris’ case

    • G Money

      Here’s a thought, maybe she was there NOT to see Calvin Harris. Whaaaaaaat.

  • Thomas Greene III

    The one thing that bothers me about his music is the lyric “I feel so close to you right now it’s a FORCE FIELD” As any person who watches sci-fi or movies should know..a Force Field REPELS does not KEEP THEM TOGETHER.. lol..If only he could correct that lyric, I would be a huge fan of his… 😛

    • Hugh Nelson

      Well then you’ve never seen the Watchmen, cause on Mars Dr. Manhattan creates a force field, and himself and the other superhero are “so Close” and she convinces him to save the world. #AnuneducatedWorld #EmptyBarrelsMakingNoise

      • Thomas Greene III

        So…By that notion..Is that a romantic relationship? If not.,then you fail….

    • Justin H

      The only one who needs to be corrected is you. A force field can be attractive or repulsive. Gravitational fields attract and electromagnetic can repel or attract.

      • Thomas Greene III

        Actually NO..You are both VERY wrong. Get an education already..Get a clue…

    • G Money

      Fucking nerd. I feel so close to you right now I wanna slap you.

  • Sab

    This artist has proved that not only he can work the decks, he can play various instruments, composed and wrote all his songs and can also sing. When you meet him and talk to him like you would want to be approached you ‘d find out he is a very humble fine man. He is absolutely right with what he replied to the woman.

  • Dawn Solomon

    He could have handled the situation better. I mean no one wants a shit talker right in front of you while you are paying a set… but this outburst was tacky, immature— He should have just requested that she be expelled from the party. No matter how good your skills are I still respect artists who show CLASS!!! smh

  • Mike EFEX

    Very Funny Article, not sure why he stopped the music to lower himself this way, noone gets 100% support even at their own shows and im ure alot of people yell things, you just do your job and rock the crowd as best as you know! if you sit there and pay attention to the haters, your going to be going in circles all day cause they dont stop. Me personally I dont like Harris or his music and think that it was unprofessional, let alone to kick her out of the club. What happened to freedom of Speech? or Freedom of Expression?

  • Ken


  • Markur

    His first mistake was even acknowledging the hatred in the first place. If anything he should have taken the words he saw as insulting, and used them as fuel to absolutely murder the rest of the set and prove her wrong. That being said she should have not been escorted out of the building for having a fucking opinion… what is this North Korea? Someone as big as Calvin Harris should realize by now that there are some people that just won’t like the music you make, period. Stooping to their level in front of your fans? Great way to lose a portion of them.

  • Juen

    These djs are so pretentious. They are basically laughing in everyone’s faces!!!! and the most of the people didn’t see that yet. it’s fools money, basically.

    I really hope that people start turning their back to these lame-faker-money makers.

    • G Money

      Did you just call them “DJ’s”? How dare you.

  • motheschmoe

    as I read the comments…to all the people saying this is “sad” or they agree with the girl: first of all, you can’t say you wouldn’t do the same, regardless of your celebratory status. Its an insult to someone throwing a show for FANS and have someone talk shit about their music. why be there? why waste your money going to a show JUST to call someone a sellout? I don’t really like Calvin Harris but I still respect the guy. You have to be a really negative person to be that dedicated to go to a show to bash on someone like Calvin. He had all the right to call her a bitch because hes throwing that show for fans, not for bummed out girls who claim hes a sellout.

  • Mark GuerrillaInstinct Connoll

    Fucking pussy, he knows its true when he stops the music and reacts like a bitch and to top it all off has her removed you fucking wet lettuce… the same as most dj’s fkn hard as nails behind a team of security

    • G Money

      Wet Lettuce, I peed! LMFAO!!!

  • Rbkamp321

    This is sad. We need some artists, athletes, etc. who have a little bit more respect for the people that pay their bills. Sooner or later if you keep pushing fans away they won’t come back. Maybe instead of wrecking your own set and proving that you are a sell out, because, you probably got paid for going off at some girl during your set. that was stupid capvin Harris, and I hope like crazy your corporate sorry rear loses every fan you still do have left to show you that if you would just play music instead of arguing with the people that pay to see your garbage views on fandom, you might have support rather than hecklers at your shows.. I hope you lose every fan you have, because, that would probably solve your issues. Punk ass low life overpaid sell out of a crap dj!

  • Ivan Munoz Leiro


  • Lololol

    Makes more money than all the people talking shit about him. You people are sour as fuck. Lol

  • yehboise

    Calvin H is a faggot who makes music for 15 yr old girls.

    I wouldn’t say he is a sell out though because he was never underground to begin with.

    Always been making shit music for the masses.

    • Marke B.

      yes, because only the true underground is homophobic.

  • tbird0041

    fyi,, he was already in a bad mood because the mixer cord fucked up on him and caused the music to cut out, it happened twice, this girl was the icing on the cake

  • Monica Rivero Salazar

    One girl talks smack on the dance floor, and he completely loses his cool and pouts his way through the rest of the performance. Sorry but IMO that’s unprofessional and what a shame to not play for the rest of your thousands of fans who paid good money to see you.

  • Fwan Irrazabal

    I think he was very unprofessional.
    Maybe he thinks of himself as a superstar, therefore not subject to manners.
    Or maybe we’re reading too much into it.
    Yes, if you don’t want to listen to Calvin Harris (for whatever reason you don’t want to), just don’t listen to Calvin Harris; but to call her out, stoping the music and everything is disrespectful; not only for the very rude girl, but to EVERYONE ELSE THERE.

  • Kyle Vasquez

    I thought I couldn’t love you more!


    Congrats… If she didn’t like calvin harris, she should have found something other to do than watch him play a set. Seems like a waste of time and money on her part!

  • Cali-sama

    Fuck all of you generalizing douchebags. Not all mainstream music is crap and not all underground music is amazing and vice versa. Develop your own individual musical tastes based upon how you personally feel about the song not the popularity or lack of popularity of the artists.

  • lololalallll

    Rachet life.

  • ImHereToDisqus

    So glad I don’t know or pay attention to this scene. There’s tons of original good electronic dance music out there if one has taste to recognize it.

  • Richie

    Seriously, what did she expect, he was always a sell out, he’s a pop act who produces commercial pop dance for adverts and never had the remotest bit of underground credibility.

    That said stopping the entire show because one punter doesn’t like his song does make him look like a vain arsehole.

  • Brian Garlick

    I don’t get it…..she said “play something original” not that she didn’t like the track, or that the track was bad…..We don’t know what she said before he stopped the music, but during the video there wasn’t even any trash talking by her. She just said she wanted to hear something original. I don’t really have a complaint with that……When I go to a show, I like to hear new stuff from the artists, not the same stuff they’ve been playing for a year, which I can hear on any stream of their previous mixes. I don’t think I would tell a DJ that in the middle of a set, but I might write a review about it later on a blog or Facebook post. I don’t know that I would say Calvin Harris isn’t justified either, as I don’t know if he was just insanely tired or frustrated from a long hard travel and playing schedule. We’ve all gotten upset on the job before, and performers are allowed to have “off days”, but if I was him, I would apologize, even if he feels he was in the right, just because being a performer is about the fans, and everyone else there was then taken out of the moment, to live in a personal conversation that had no right to be blown up into a big deal like that. If I was another fan there, I wouldn’t be happy with that. I would have felt cheated. I paid for a performance, and would like to see the best out of that performer. I have no right to a refund, but at least I would like to know that performer was interested in giving me his best performance. I also think that DJ’s shouldn’t have micro phones. They’re not MC’s, they’re DJ’s. But that again, is a personal opinion. I really am not liking the trend of EDM DJ’s that talk over their music. Some of the best performers I’ve seen recently, Audien, Mat Zo…..etc. Don’t touch the mic.They just play music, and let the music do the talking for them.

  • J Swiz

    Well, he fucking blows regardless. This is just proof in the pudding
    that not only is he commercial crap but also, a little bitch who can’t
    take handle some shit talking from another little bitch..

  • macnrow

    Lol half you guys are full off crap esp the ones who call them self a dj if they use vdj come on du stands for disc jockey not pressing a sync button learn to mix records not cds nor controllers and the other half hating on him your just jealous because he’s making it big while your pushing your mouse buttons in your bed room….. its not easy to make music that sells heaps and to make a living is even harder. hey what he did is wrong no ones that big…. to stop and tell some one were to go that’s not professional dosent matter…..

  • James

    He is the worker. She is the customer. She paid in. He got paid from her, partially and indirectly, to perform. She could’ve been fucking with him, she could’ve been drunk or high – frankly, it doesn’t matter. She has the right to say whatever she wants to him. If she provoked him physically or assaulted him, then that’s a different story. He doesn’t have the right to tell the customer she’s a dumb fucking bitch and to fuck off. If a waiter or a sales clerk told you this you’d be appalled. Just because his work is more creative than ordinary, doesn’t mean a different set of rules apply to him. He sulked for the rest of the gig like a petulant child who didn’t get his way and everything didn’t go perfect. This guy needs to grow up and realise that some people aren’t worth the time of day.

    edit: AND, because he sulked for the rest of the gig, everyone else who paid in suffered.

  • I’m not going to go into how shit I think his music is, because it is what it is and what it always has been

    What I don’t understand is why he didn’t just laugh it off, he’s getting paid, everyone else is loving it, you can’t please everyone, he dealt with it in the worst way possible and her being escorted out of the club for voicing her opinion is a violation of her human rights

    Absolute prick

  • Vanessa

    I don’t care if the girl said his mother resembled a hemogloben butt stick and he needs to suck butter out of her ass, he should’ve taken his lick like a man and professionally kept the party going. You don’t speak to females like that. Another DJ with a huge ego that no one will care about in 10 years…blah.

  • MonaSamone

    I don’t care if the girl said, “his mother resembled a hemogloben buttstick and she’s heard better noises like his father sucking butter out of her ass”, he should’ve taken his lick like a man and professionally kept the party going. You don’t speak to females like that. Another DJ with a huge ego that no one will care about in 10 years…blah.

    • jonesy phillips

      ,,, not even 10 years,,, you mean, NEXT year,,, he’s a loser

  • Petek Kaya

    i think that’s just sad

  • u-r-vermin

    kids in america have discovered edm and go to the liv , or ultra vip clubs in vegas like xs and think its underground . well done calvin . fuck off back to your redneck rock music you parasites

  • JX

    Bunch of HATERS. You are all shitty DJs and u have no future . Go to school and get a degree. Weak ass whiners.
    The girl is a dumb bitch for being disrespectful…lets go to Wendy’s and talk shit to her all day. DUMB BITCH

  • jonesy phillips

    Calvin Harris is the worst commercial, sell-out DJ around! She was precisely right in saying so, albeit at the wrong time. He is a douchebag for talking like that to a woman regardless of how inappropriate her comment was. His response to her just proved her right AND made him look even more of a pansy than he normally appears! He should have been a real man and laughed at her comment and then proved her wrong with a killer set. Instead, he proved everything she said about him by his response. What a total tool!

  • Worst comeback i’ve ever seen, really now, the guy has tons of cash, he’s smart (if he knows all of this shit, music making, DJing, etc) yet he does this?

  • G Money

    I still don’t get why these button pushers are paid so much. These “producers” are starting to act like their f-ing stars. Stick to making the tracks and letting the real DJ’s play them. Not hating on them, kudos to them for working the scene and grabbing the brass ring but grow a set and don’t let someone who called you a sell out ruin your vibe and the vibe for everyone else. Unless you really do believe you are a sell out Calvin, are you?

  • G Money

    The girl in the background in the second pic is like “Where’s your turntables sell out?”

  • he’s a sell out just like his ex girlfriend

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