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About Mixjunkies

Mixjunkies started off as a conversation between Matthew Cassella and Michael Marszycki, two old school party kids who love electronic music. Sharing mixes through instant messages and file sharing, Mike and Matt always kept each other up to date on the latest and greatest mixes, tracks, events and anything EDM related. As more people found out about this sharing of music they wanted in. Instead of keeping it to themselves they created this site. Electronic Music lovers who enjoy live mixes and pretty much anything electronic music oriented, this is your portal.

We’ve taken a selection of some of the best electronic music artists out today and do our best to find mixes, music, tracks, videos, news, events and pretty much anything that is hot in the EDM scene. There are a lot of other mix sites out there that are not organized, send you through loops when downloading tracks and spam you with ads. We pride ourselves on our organization and will continually work to help you find exactly what our fans are looking for.

We have recently expanded to include editor and public relations director Matthew Grimalda. Originally from Peace Love EDM, Matt has been an amazing addition to the company. With his dedication and support has become an integral part of the Mixjunkies team. As a result of his dedication he has won himself a place as partner in the company.

Mixjunkies is currently unfunded. Site was launched June 8th, 2011. If you have suggestions, comments, or feedback please fill out our contact form and let us know what we can do better. Enjoy!

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