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5 artists you need to know: Illuminati AMS, Davoodi, Yellow Claw, DJ Sega, WATAPACHI

For the past few months, I’ve been on a quest to find more great music to add to my iTunes library. I realized that some of the artists I came across seemed to have a really loyal but small fanbase, and their talent exceeds the amount of attention they’re getting. Today, I give you a look into my iTunes library and a more in-depth  on five artists to keep your eye on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂

Illuminati AMS:

Illuminati AMSA lot of good music seems to be coming from Amsterdam lately. These two are no exception. I orignally heard Illuminati AMS when they remixed The Partysquad’s “Lighterman” and immediately fell in love with their unique take on the single. After visiting their SoundCloud, it became clear that they are SO fucking good at taking a simple melody or rhythm and turning it into a quirky yet catchy track. Their music videos also follow suit; I’m assuming this has to do with their love for visual art (very well-rounded artists, right?) I think my favorite trait about Illuminati AMS is that their music seems to be pretty versatile. I can listen to their stuff when I’m in my room relaxing by myself, or I could include their tracks on a party playlist and not even think twice about it. Here’s their latest single, “If You Let Me”:


DavoodiIt’s safe to say if you’re a Mixjunkies fan that you’ve probably listened to one of our numerous mixes, heard a track blows your mind, and immediately need to know more about the artist. That’s exactly how I found Davoodi (thank you, Crookers’ Diplo and Friends set!). A master of hardstyle, Davoodi’s music insists that you listen and you love it. And you will. His music is definitely geared towards a crowd that likes it aurally rough- hardstyle is his forte and he knows it. Not only has he remixed big tunes like Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, but he has quite a few singles that are just waiting to take advantage of your ears. My personal favorite? Here’s a snippet of “9MM”:

Yellow Claw:

Yellow ClawYou may have noticed us blowing up about of few of their mixes, but we have quite a few good reasons. Yellow Claw fucking rules! The trio came out of Amsterdam (yep, another group from Amsterdam) and are relatively new to the game. In 2010, the three joined forces and have made strides since then. From remixing big names to creating their own sets that include house, electro, dubstep, R&B, hip hop, moombahton, and even classics, the guys of Yellow Claw know what they’re doing and know how to please their audiences. This single is one you may recognize, especially for those moombahton fans out there:

DJ Sega:

DJ SegaLet me give you a word of advice: if you ever hear that DJ Sega is in town and you have a chance to go an see him, DO IT. This 24 year old is a powerhouse of music. Growing up in a musical family, he was raised on classic soul (thanks to his father, also a DJ). By listening to his sets and singles, it becomes clear how much his home life influences his music. DJ Sega’s brilliance comes just from that; I would describe his style as a fusion of old and new. An artist who can successfully pull that off is a genius in my book. Not just limited to classic soul, DJ Sega covers almost every genre of music at one point or another. His sets are kind of mind blowing- especially if you see him live. They’re like a mini musical journey, and DJ Sega is your own personal tour guide. We have his Diplo and Friends set available here, so check it out when you get a chance. His latest single, both dubby and clubby, is surely a banger.


WATAPACHIAre you a trap fan? How about a basshead? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’re probably going to love these two guys from Tokyo. Relatively new to the scene, WATAPACHI pumps out heavy-hitting singles like it’s nothing. While Tokyo is not the most ideal place for trap producers and DJ’s, the pair seem to be doing just fine when it comes to their music. They can be seen playing in numerous clubs around Tokyo and have even had the honor of playing Rihanna’s after party for her Tokyo concert. Although they’re exclusively playing around Tokyo right now, I’m sure the U.S. trap community would welcome them with open arms. Take a listen to their single, “AK Gurls”:

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When I'm not playing classical music, I'm writing about electronic music. Especially a fan of Dutch house, moombahton, trap, tribal house, the Mad Decent roster, and anything that includes fusions of world music. Listening to Now: Clockwork | Diplo | Crookers
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